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Complete a simple health assessment test to know the root cause of your concern

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Free Doctor Consultation

Get free consultation with a verified doctor based on your assessment test

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Personalized Treatment

Receive personalised treatment along with lifestyle guidance recommended to you.

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A personal health coach guides you throughout the journey.

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Sexual Wellness

Men don’t feel like sharing and often run from awkward conversations, but many of them are suffering from one sexual problem or another. We are here to listen, understand, and provide them discreet personal +professional care via free online consultations with experienced psychiatrists, therapists, and nutritionists.

Because for us, it’s personal!

Weight Management

With all the great things you manage – work, family, and even friends – your weight deserves to be managed too for a fit and healthy lifestyle. Do it with a free online doctor consultation with our verified nutritionists or general physicians and get the right treatment to shed those extra kilos and get fit.

Hair Care

Losing hair and a receding hairline have become "the new normal", and the hectic lifestyle and overly polluted environment are doing everything possible to worsen the situation. With our free online consultations from highly-experienced dermatologists, followed by personalised treatment to curb hair loss and promote hair growth, you can take charge of your hair's health and help it keep growing. Hairloss and growth

Women Wellness

Women’s wellness and healthcare are often convoluted and neglected. Even now, women hesitate while sharing their health issues, whether it be related to periods or fertility, for that matter. We’re here to make women’s wellness affable and readily available through our online free doctor consultations with verified and experienced gynaecologists, therapists, and nutritionists. Now is the moment for women’s wellness to step out of the shadows and become a part of the public discourse.

Diabetes Care

Giving up on your lifestyle due to fluctuating blood sugar levels is not an option anymore. Our panel of experienced endocrinologists provides free online consultations to provide personalised evidence-based treatment to bring down your HbA1c, FBS, and PPBS levels. We not only offer nutritional advice but even lifestyle recommendations personalized just for you.

Nirvasa’s Holistic Approach

We at Nirvasa follow a holistic approach to wellbeing that integrates Nirvasa’s 4 Wellness Pillars, helping to understand individual concerns and recommend personalized treatments.


We leave no stone unturned when it comes to improving lives of our customers by providing comforting, convenient and seamless care.


men regained their sexual confidence in the bedroom


average weight loss within 3 months


users noticed a reduction in hair fall within 15 days


users came across 2.1% average HbA1C drop in their sugar levels


women are feeling healthy and confident

Our Medical Board

Dr. Ashitabh Tiwari

Psychiatrist (MBBS, MD - Psychiatry)

Holding an experience and expertise of 17+ years as a Psychiatrist, Neuropsychiatrist....Read More

Dr. Brahmita Monga

Dermatologist (MBBS, MD – Dermatology)

Dr Brahmita Monga is a well-known dermatologist with over ten years of experience....Read More

Dr. Rajesh Choda

Ayurveda (BAMS)

Boasting an enormous amount of experience and expertise from his 39 years as an Ayurvedic....Read More

Dr. Sandeep Govil

Psychiatrist (MBBS, DNB – Psychiatry)

With over 22+ years of experience, Dr Sandeep Govil has been sharing his wisdom and helping....Read More

Dr. Sharmila Majumdar

Clinical Psychologist & Sexual Wellness Expert (MS - Sexuality and Sexual Counselling)

Dr Sharmila Majumdar, a Hyderabad....Read More

Dr. Zubeda Tumbi

Dietitian/Nutritionist (PHD - Food & Nutrition)

Immensely experienced, skilled, and professional, Dr Zubeda Tumbi is an award-winning dietician....Read More


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Nirvasa is the digital healthcare provider for both men and women who are experiencing health issues or want to improve or support their health and prefer to do so from the comfort of their home, eliminating long queues and delays. Want to know more about Nirvasa,

Take an online self-assessment test to provide information about your symptoms and medical history to your online doctor. We will then connect you with a qualified and skilled doctor that specialises in that specific issue and will study the information you provide and evaluate your treatment options.

Your doctor may ask you questions, to which you can respond via our safe online message system. If your tailored treatment plan includes a prescription, it will be shipped in discreet packaging to the delivery address you supplied in a few days after your therapist completes your evaluation.

If your provider thinks that a medication is not appropriate for you, they will notify you of your next steps.

Indeed, following your purchase, our experienced doctor will conduct a thorough review of your issues, history, and lifestyle in order to tailor the plan to your specific needs. The plans discussed provide an outline of what to expect in your plan, but each individual's needs vary, and our doctors are experts at leading you on your personal route to wellness.

Nirvasa's ideology is based on discretion and transparency. Your information is absolutely secure, and the information you supply will only be used for honest communication and effective care.

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